Memorex Game Controller Plus and Wireless Sidekick Gaming Controller for the Wii

by Mark R

I got a chance to try out some Wii controllers from Memorex, which include the Wireless Sidekick Controller and the Game Controller Plus.

The Wireless Controller Plus is the Wiimote that you see in the photo, and it has built-in Motion Plus. Besides that, it is essentially a Wiimote with some features that I will go in greater detail about after the jump.

The Wireless Sidekick Controller is a better Nunchuk as it is completely wireless. It gets a charge from a USB cable, and it syncs with the Wiimote with a plug-in adapter.

There are other features that set these Wii controllers apart from others of its type, such as the ones from Nyko. For example, the Game Controller Plus has a 360 Degree rubberized directional pad, which is good for games like Super Mario Brothers Wii, or others that use the old-school type of directional keyboard. It also has some concave buttons, which makes the “gaming experience more comfortable”.

Both of these have LED lights to make them look even better, and are available in all kinds of colors including the black, metallic pink, and metallic blue. You should be able to get the Game Controller Plus for about $29.99, and the Wireless Sidekick Controller for about $29.99.

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