FINIS introduces AquaPulse Heart Rate Monitor


They say that swimming is one of the better sports to get yourself involved in – after all, there is no impact on your joints, and you get a total body workout. Even better is this – you will end up as hungry as a horse right after your exercise since you’ve burnt up so many calories in the process, making you look slim and trim in no time at all. For those performance enthusiasts who want to make sure that they maximize their fitness regime via swimming, FINIS might have just the thing for you – the AquaPulse Heart Rate Monitor.

This is an interesting device since it is an audible version of a heart rate monitor. Small enough to fit into your goggle strap, all you need to do is attach the soft rubber clip to your earlobe, and take to the water like a duck. The infrared sensor is able to pick up your heart beat via your earlobe by capillary activity. Such information will then be relayed to you in real time audibly, now how about that?

Just how does the AquaPulse Heart Rate Monitor do so? For starters, it will rely on bone conduction technology. Heard of that before? Surely – after all, you must have seen the Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth headset before somewhere. The AquaPulse Heart Rate Monitor works on the same principle, doing away with the need for chest straps or ear buds. Even better is, you need not stop whatever you are doing to check your heart rate, as the AquaPulse Heart Rate Monitor will do the job on your behalf.

There is an Instant Heart Rate Button that will let you hear the last recorded heart rate reading, while Heart Rate Fluctuation Monitoring will deliver audible updates at selected time increments. Just in case you are wondering whether the function still works because there was no update, this is because your heart rate did not change. Of course, since you are supposed to wear this while swimming, it is waterproof – and not just water-resistant.

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