In the future, there could be moving train stations

by Mark R

If there is one thing that can make trains more efficient, it is less stops. Unfortunately, people have to get on and off the train, but what if the stations themselves were moving, and all the train would have to do is slow down in order to board and unboard?

You can watch a video of how it would work after the jump. It is computer-generated, but I would imagine that you could probably construct an equally good presentation if you have a model railroad.

Just make a circular or oval set of tracks that is next to a longer track. The train on the smaller length of track passes the one on the longer one, which doesn’t stop for boarding. Here’s the tricky part: somehow, the doors of the two trains lock together and the people get on and off.

Granted, there would be a limited amount of time for the passenger exchange. I would imagine that if you missed your stop, you could always catch the next one, but you would have to catch a train going in the other direction. Think of it like missing a freeway exit.

I suppose that if we have a train system that encompasses the world, like the type seen in the film 2046, this is the most efficient system of getting on and off of it.

Moving Platforms from Priestmangoode on Vimeo.


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