Native Union Bluetooth handset for iPhones


Own an iPhone of any kind? Well, if the answer is in the affirmative, you would definitely fall in love with the Native Union Bluetooth handset for iPhones that offers wireless goodness to your living room. Why should you need a wireless Bluetooth handset for an iPhone, you ask? Isn’t the iPhone by nature itself a smartphone that can be carried around sans cables and pesky wires, making you look cool like all get out (at least that happens whenever a new iPhone model is launched for a week or so)?

Well, reality check here. The answer is, you might have an iPhone of any generation, but why stop at looking cool when you can be cooler with the Native Union Bluetooth handset? It offers all the convenience of a standard phone handset, not to mention the benefits of your iPhone device, all in a single form factor that boasts of a sleek and curved wireless handset system that supports Bluetooth 2.1 multipoint technology, making sure your beloved iPhone is transformed into a cordless landline which allows you to pair and answer calls on a couple of different Bluetooth enabled devices.

It is a snap to connect to the Native Union Bluetooth Handset and to synchronize your iPhone and a smartphone for regular calls, or using any other Bluetooth-enabled device such as a notebook, as all of them will rely on VoIP Internet calling including Skype.

Not only does it look great, it sounds great to boot – with the added incentive of having it juice up your iPhone while it is docked. With a high-quality speaker and microphone to deliver optimum call sound quality, you can be sure that the message gets across crystal clear, leaving no room for confusion between you and the other person on the line. A silicone mat has been thrown into the mix to protect your phone from additional wear and tear, which is a good thing considering the money you paid for the recently unlocked iPhone.

Expect to fork out $149.99 for the Native Union Bluetooth handset for iPhones.

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