Swoop the Owl keeps your iPhone safe while you are sleeping

by Mark R

This particular iPhone accessory is Swoop the Owl, and it reminds me a lot of the Woogie.

Although the Woogie plush device is designed to be used to protect the iDevice from small children, it would appear that Swoop the Owl protects the iDevice from adults. You know how must people sleep with their phones these days for the sake of the alarm or music, so why not have an extra level of protection?

Not only that, the user can still use their iDevice, but any calls should probably be used with a headset. It looks like it has a place for the headphones in case you want to listen to some tunes before you sleep.

I think that I am going to see a lot of stuffed animals/iPhone accessories like Swoop the Owl, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they are based on franchises rather than original characters. For example, I can see this being used on an Ewok or a Mogwai, but those are more eighties cuddly characters. I’m not certain what would be used today, Justin Bieber?

Anyway, this is another Kickstarter project, which means the designers are looking for money. However, you can pre-order it for about $25 per Swoop the Owl.


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