Nyko has three new products made for the 3DS, and one for the Kinect

by Mark R

I always like to report on what Nyko is up to, and, as you can see from the image, the video games accessory company had a very significant presence at E3 2011. Nyko has realized the the 3DS is the new iPod, and three of their newest products are similar in design to Apple accessories.

For example, there is the Shock’N’Rock, which is a “battery, sound and feedback enhancement for the Nintendo 3DS”. Think of it as a portable battery and speaker, like the one that you might have for your iPod/iPhone. This is similar to the Charge Base, a “charge stand and high capacity battery kit”, which also reminds me of an iPhone accessory, the battery pack for the iPhone like the ones from Mophie.

Last is the Play Clock, designed to work as an alarm clock with “powered speakers and charging dock for the Nintendo DS”. No doubt you probably have something like this near your bed, designed for your old-school iPod.

Well, I’m sure you see the pattern here as far as 3DS accessories are concerned. Nyko also has the Zoom, a play reduction lens for Kinect. Apparently, some people don’t have the space that the Kinect recommends for motion-controlled games, and this reduces the normal amount of space by about 40 percent.

All in all, Nyko pulled out all the stops once again at E3, and it looks like all of these products are available on their catalog now. The Shock’N’Rock is $39.99, the Charge Base is $29.99, and the Play Clock is $39.99. As for the Zoom, it is $29.99.

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