LG Super LED monitor is extremely slim


LG Electronics of Korea has just officially announced their latest super slim monitor that is simply called the Super LED – it can’t get any simpler when you think about it. As for the accompanying marketing campaign which went with the official launch, it comprised of a “Super” performance that intends to fully publicize the technology of the SUPER LED Monitor, hiring popular Korean pop duo group Norazo to perform.

Norazo are famous for their experimental and often innovative performances, where the live performance was synchronized and broadcasted on the world’s largest LED screen just to send the point home, with the recording having picked up more than a million views on YouTube already.

Norazo relied on the large “Media Façade” at Seoul Square in downtown Seoul, which currently houses the largest LED (Light Emitting Diode) canvas in the world on a single building, taking up around 42,000 LED bulbs. Apart from that, it also included a “flash mob” element, where passers by are able to take part in the performance.

Back to the tech involved – the Super LED monitor will feature a quartet of key benefits, where they are SUPER Slim, SUPER Picture Quality, SUPER Angle, and SUPER Energy Saving. The LG SUPER Slim Series will sport a beautifully crafted design as well as ultimate slimness of 7.2mm depth. When you take a look at the E2290V (which is one of the models), it picked up the Innovations Award at CES 2011 for its excellence in design and technology.

LG SUPER Picture Quality technology will make sure SUPER+ Resolution Technology is used to revive low picture quality to high resolution vivid picture quality, giving you a free visual “upgrade” of sorts, so to speak, sharpening blurred edges and adding new zest to dim colors. Any takers for these new monitors? Prices will vary depending on the kind of model you choose.

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