MountMe Freedom II helps you mount your iPad just about anywhere


Own an iPad or iPad 2 and love it to bits? Well, if you are the type who has plenty of time to watch movies on the iPad, then you would surely know that carrying the iPad at all times can prove to be quite the unwieldy experience, not to mention giving your hand a good cramp. There are mounts, and then there are mounts – and one of the later models available would be the MountMe Freedom II.

MountMe Freedom II will target owners of both iPad generations, where it is now up for pre-order where you will be able to receive a special discount of 10% to 25% off (the former if you purchase one model, while the latter applies when you buy two). This unique protective carrying case will boast a durable mounting and standing accessory which will deliver a special all-in-one solution, turning your precious tablet into an entertainment center with optimal viewing options.

Being a universal adaptable mounting solution, the MountMe Freedom II will let you mount your iPad just about anywhere, turning it into an impromptu in-car or on-the-go entertainment system, a wall clock, home automation controller, a picture frame or perhaps it could be as simple as using it as a protective carrying case when it is not mounted.

Apart from that, it also paves the way for easy typing with both hands, never mind where your iPad is placed -on your leg, on the back of a car seat or on your table. Just to get a better idea on where you can mount this puppy, how about in the kitchen where you attach it to the refrigerator or cupboard door for watching cooking videos or easy viewing of digital recipes? It will also be equally at home in the bedroom, where you mount it on the wall like a small LCD TV. Works great on airplane seats as well as private aircraft, the possibilities are more or less limited by your imagination.

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ywong Says: June 1, 2011 at 11:03 am

Love the idea of placing it in the kitchen where it can be mounted for easy reference especially when you’re trying out new recipes!

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