The Inspiration Archipod


What happens when you live in a house with plenty of screaming children, running up and down the stairs repeatedly while disturbing you whenever you try to work, or just want to chill out in your abode after a particularly long, hard day at work? Surely your blood pressure will boil to a certain level, and you might just snap at them, never mind that children are being just that – children.

Perhaps it is time for you to look into the Inspiration Archipod, where this spherical pod will create an environment conducive for creative working, meditation, and innovation. A retreat right in your own backyard (if it is big enough, that is), now how about that? Designed by British inventor and Engineer Chris Sneesby, the Archipod’s interior will deliver a sense of space that you won’t believe when you step inside.

The frame is constructed from timber and clad with Western Red Cedar shingles, while the walls are double insulated, plastered, and painted, resulting in a seamless 12 1/2′ diameter x 8 1/4′ high interior space without any visible joints. Just to give it a semblance of a home, there is a stainless steel-framed porthole window that lets you see outside, although you can add in more if you want to.

The locking gull-wing door will be raised and lowered using an air piston, while a built-in electric panel heater provides warmth whenever the mercury drops outside, letting you contemplate on life’s challenges in comfort regardless of the season. Ceiling-mounted, dimmable lights provide mood lighting and two double-socket electrical outlets will let you use devices like computers or to charge up your iPad. The asking price? A whopping $40,000.

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