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Everyone knows that exercising regularly is one of the key components when it comes to keeping your fitness levels up and at an optimal point. Sometimes though, doing the same thing week in, week out could prove to be way too repetitive for our liking, and a change is always more than welcome. Cycling could be one of the more interesting sports you can get involved in, as you can always go to different places with various scenery in order to experience something apart from the norm.

Unfortunately, bicycles can only get you so far in terms of terrain, and different bikes cater for different types of terrain. The All Terrain Electric Bicycle, as its name suggests, was specially designed by an aerospace engineer, and it is the only electric bicycle which is capable of traversing through deserts and tundras in a jiffy, similar to how it glides across pavement.

There is a 600-watt brushless electric motor that will drive a 14-speed gearing configuration, capable of hitting a top speed of 40 mph on straightaways, while unparalleled torque will help you climb steep grades quickly. With a 51″-wide wheel base and 20″ diameter x 8″ wide tubeless monocoque tires, it is the widest in the industry to offer added stability during tight turns and traction on dirt, sand, or snow.

There is just one drawback – the lithium-ion battery will offer just up to an hour’s worth of assisted pedaling after a three-hour charge, so make sure it is well juiced the night before always. The All Terrain Electric Bicycle won’t come cheap either at $9,700.

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