Water Wars Water Pistol Game


Playing water pistols has just gotten more fun with the Water Wars Water Pistol Game. For those of you who grew up playing Laser Tag, you know just how fun that is, trying to zap your opponents from afar, with the vest and helmet they wear being legit targets. Since summer is here, how about playing a variation of Laser Tag with the Water Wars Water Pistol Game? Each $37 purchase will come with a couple of color changing vests, so you can tell whether your shots were accurate or not.

The kit comes with a couple of water pistols and of course, two vests, to get you started right out of the box. What’s weird is this – the vests will feature printed targets that will turn red wherever they come in contact with water, so make sure you aim properly and don’t be such a klutz to spill water all over yourself when you’re taking a break!

Just how do the vests work? Well, it isn’t magic, but instead they are printed with special ink which turns red when it gets wet, and when the shirt becomes completely red, that’s game over. Time to stash away a bucket of water as a “grenade” of sorts if you feel that you can’t take the heat. Of course, the vests will become white once again when they are dry.

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