Native Union announces Gold POP phone


Want to introduce some bling into your life? Well, you can do so with the Native Union Gold POP phone. This is something that might appeal to the little boy in you who grew up reading James Bond novels, and wanting to play the role of a suave, debonair super spy who has everything under control no matter how harrowing it might seem, why not get the Gold POP phone and make it a part of your home as well? It would go down well with the James Bond persona, since Bond never skimps on his gizmos.

The Gold POP phone will also appeal to females, since it doesn’t look half bad at all, and at least it is a whole lot more presentable than the rest of the big boy’s toys that your man likes to purchase. We will look into greater detail as to what the Gold POP phone is able to offer you should you decide to bling up your life.

This shiny, metallic gold handset is the perfect device for those who love multi-tasking, as it enables one to talk, text and perhaps even dodge enemy bullets, all at the same time without breaking a sweat. You can use it to make Skype calls to your mates, or perhaps even hold a conference call with family who are displaced in different continents, looking like money over the webcam as well.

The Gold POP phone will be able to take advantage of its 3.5mm jack to play nice with most mobile devices, and you can also purchase an adapter which is sold separately just in case there are connectivity incompability issues.You will find a first class speaker and microphone fitted to this puppy, while the handset itself boasts of noise reduction technology so that the message gets across crystal clear, reducing the chances for any miscommunication.

Acclaimed French designer David Turpin is the brain behind this retro style handset, and it was based on his interpretation of the classic 1950s Bakelite telephone. Retailing for $60 a pop, this is one of the few affordable indulgences that most folks can afford, especially in the current economic climate, merging both flair and function in a single device.

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