TDK Sound Cube


The TDK Sound Cube brings new meaning to “surround sound”, that’s for sure. It should be called “surrounded sound” instead, since the cube that you see on the right should find a happy audience regardless of where they are seated – as long as the crowd size is right, of course. Right now up for pre-order, the £299.99 TDK Sound Cube measures just 25.5cm³, making it the smallest in its range, but it is no pushover where performance levels are concerned.

Each of the Cube’s vertical sides will boast of its own speaker (two of them are active while the other two are passive), delivering 360° of party-starting audio, not to mention the nice touch of a sturdy leather handle on top that makes toting it around fun and comfortable. It can be powered by mains or a dozen D batteries (the latter is certainly going to fill up those landfills, fast!), so make sure you use rechargeables if you’re gunning for the latter.

At the back lies a quartet of separate sound ports, letting you plug in a variety of devices such as a portable media player or an electric guitar. Perfect for the day out with the rest of your family, listening to your favorite tunes all round in 20 watts RMS glory.

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