RageGage helps tide you over those temper tantrums


RageGage is one of the more interesting computer peripherals that you will ever find – after all, the company is one of the leading manufacturers where rage-release devices are concerned, so their latest invention – the RageGage, was specially designed to be physically abused (without letting you end up on the wrong side of the law to boot), especially when you’re over your top due to the incompetence of others around you.

RageGage is a dynamic, customizable smash pad which will offer cheeky, humorous distraction that intends to quickly defuse any tense situations, targeting even the most violent rage-explosions. At last, there is one good thing that online games are there for instead of just being time wasters and a productivity thief in offices worldwide – you get to let off some steam by virtually smacking Facebook friends, without having them suffer from a “panda eye” in the process.

Just how easy RageGage is to use? You can get it up and running in a jiffy – just turn on the device using the volume knob, crank the volume up to the maximum and give RageGage’s soft gel pad your very best pounding until all of your frustrations melt away. If RageGage at any time detects that you are bottling up rage, it will automatically induce healthy rage relief by making fun of you. If that does not work, then it will even pull in your mama – some say that’s below the belt, but anything is fair game when it comes to defusing your anger in a healthy manner.

For those who ascribe to the proverb that “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” and yet never really believe in it, then you might be cautioned that RageGage will even hurl insults such as “you wuss” or “who are you kid?” your way.

RageGage will ship pre-loaded with a hilarious voice and a number of rage-tastic phrases, offering extra fun-to-smash character voices such as faux politicians and “celebutards” include POTUS (our commander and chief), Lush Rimbaugh (right wing shock jock), and Valley Girl (a brain-dead, Chihuahua-clutching hotel heiress). RageGage can be yours for $19.99, where it will come in 9 different colorful designs to match any rage-type.

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