See a real bionic hand in action!

by Mark R

We have reported on bionic limbs before, such as the i-LIMB. I suppose that what fascinates me most about bionics is how we have jumped from science fiction to science fact in such a short time.

A recent video from BBC News shows an amputee named Patrick from Austria and his artificial hand. I can’t import the video on the site, but you can see that Patrick is able to do some pretty complex movements like pouring a bottle or tying his shoelaces by clicking this link here.

What makes it really amazing is that the hand is a neuroprosthetic, which means that it can tap into the unused nerves used to movement of the hand for even greater control.

I can’t help but watch this video and think of the scene in The Empire Strikes Back, where Luke Skywalker is trying out his new artificial hand. Especially at the end of the video, where the scientist is asking Patrick to do certain actions with his hand. All that is missing is the medical droid poking his fingers with a needle.

However, I don’t want to seem insensitive to Patrick, as it was a tragic electrocution accident that took his arm. In other words, if I was missing a limb, I might not find it so cool, even with a replacement limb like this one. The fact that bionics are helping amputees get more advanced implants infuses me with a great sense of wonder about medical technology.


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Abdul Samad Says: May 30, 2011 at 6:38 am

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