Samsung and Toshiba both have flexible screen displays on display

by Mark R

I think that we all know that the future is going to be bendable displays, and two big companies, Samsung and Toshiba, have their screens in the spotlight recently.

I’ll start with the one from Toshiba, pictured here to the left. It measures at about 3 inches on the diagonal, and it is only 0.1 mm thin. It was made with an oxide semiconductor TFT to a plastic substrate at 200 degrees Celsius. This makes it light at one gram, and it can also retain image quality over a long period of time.

As for the Samsung foldable AMOLED display, there is a picture of that after the jump. It has two panels with a closing radius of about 1 mm which means that they “practically touch when closed, yet show no visible crease when opened”. In fact, the developers performed about 100,000 folding and unfolding motions, and it decreases in brightness of 6 percent, which was not that visible.

There is no word when either of these flexible displays will ever make it to the folding hands of the general consumer, but I would probably say in the “near future”. After all, don’t we want to live in an era where displays are as simple as overhead transparency sheets? I’ll let the future decide the answer to that one.

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