UNO 3 changes from scooter to motorcycle

by Mark R

My Source states that the UNO 3 is the “world’s first real transformer”, and while it might not turn into a robot, it is a scooter that can shift into a motorcycle.

You should probably just take a look at the video after the jump to see more. I like the shot of the guy going into the elevator as a scooter, and then coming out and seeing it become a motorcycle.

He is able to do this without ever having to get off the UNO 3. It looks like a very smooth transition, and I don’t know if the driver had to learn some new skill to do this. Still, it is truly more than meets the eye.

The video also has an interesting story behind it with the inventor. It looks like he was on one of those Shark Tank or American Inventor shows and got himself some funding.

The one thing that I like about it is how it works as a scooter which allows for some interesting movement around, and then it has the speed of a motorcycle. I wish I had some stats of the speed and fuel efficiency. I do have a price, which is at a high $5000-$7500.


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Nick Sozo Says: May 14, 2011 at 8:08 am

you ask about fuel efficiency, but the video says all electric

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