Kneader hits all the right spots


Those who work long hours at the office will know that there is nothing quite like a nice, relaxing massage after a particularly difficult day at the cubicle. Of course, reaching home and asking your equally tired spouse to give you a nice back rub might not be so wise an idea, but what if he/she has the proper tool that requires less expenditure of strength? That is where the Kneader comes in – this £24.99 purchase will offer a nice therapeutic massage, which will of course be augmented greatly if one has a good understanding on how muscles work.

carrying this around might make it seem as though you were toting around a knuckle duster of sorts, but when used properly, each curve will have its purpose fulfilled since it was designed for different purposes – for example, the upper arch is mainly for stroking movements, while the upper side portions are for deeper movements.

You don’t even need to dress down to make good use of the Kneader, and if you’re adventurous enough to give it a DIY treatment on yourself, why not?

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