mophie juice pack air targets 4th generation iPod touch


The iPhone, regardless of which generation it comes in, is famous for being a battery guzzler especially when you have all the bells and whistles turned on. mophie knows of this situation very well, and in the past, the company has come up with some rather nifty solutions to keep your favorite smartphone juiced even when you push it to the limits. Most of these solutions came in the form of a storage case that has a built-in battery, and today, we shall look at the mophie juice pack air which caters for the 4th generation iPod touch.

Granted, your iPod touch will probably last slightly longer than your iPhone (assuming the latter is connected to 3G all the time instead of EDGE or not having any data connection at all), especially when you use it as your primary portable entertainment device, be it listening to your favorite tunes or playing the latest games on it. This is where the mophie juice pack air comes in handy – it delivers both power and protection simultaneously without making your svelte and sexy device bogged down in a huge case.

No sir, this is a light-weight, ultra-thin rechargeable battery case instead that more or less doubles whatever battery life that available on a single charge cycle so that you can maximize your user experience.

According to Susan Schedel, vice president of sales and marketing for mophie “We have created a mophie juice pack air for the iPod touch 4th generation that combines exceptional protection and additional power with an enhanced design. Our goal is to help people do more with their iPod touch on the go for as long as possible, and our juice pack line has been incredibly successful in achieving virtually double the battery life for Apple users since the first iPhone and iPod touch devices were introduced.”

You can choose from only one color – black, and that’s certainly not much choice, right? It will retail for $49.95 at the moment, but red and blue options will roll out later this month.

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