Microsoft shows off the house of the future

by Mark R

About two years ago, we reported on a video of what Microsoft’s version of 2019 would look like. As I recall, it was full of giant touchscreens, and simple handhelds that can do just about anything. What you can see after the jump is another video showing what the average house of the future could look like.

Not surprising, there is a place to put your mobile when you come in, like a Powermat. The difference is that this apparatus can take information off the device. It looks like tour guide did that with her watch.

I’m not certain if the info from the phone or the watch ended up on the big screen before them, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did. What is interesting is how she brings up a photo of a pub, and there is an “image to image” search. This image-recognition technology can identify the backpack, the bus schedule for the route to this pub, and info on the pub itself.

Of course, what really sold me on this house was a room that the guide said belonged to her daughter. Instead of wallpaper, there are moving images that must stem from projectors that I don’t see. The wall can be transformed to be about anything, and can instantly display text messages.

Yes, the future is looking pretty bright indeed. I found that some of the most interesting things are that which aren’t shown, like the mirror display and the digital bulletin board. I think Microsoft is trying to make me beg for more.


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bryan liddell Says: May 6, 2011 at 10:58 am

i like the room but you can go farther make the hole room a computer the floor and the siling put in an AI with a changing voice and add in game like xbox. where the room is the sisdom and you get a 360 degrees look in sted of 180 like the TV mack the avatar the parson useing a cara that way it will be the new leve of gameing.and take what we know of the kanit and put it in to the avatar so you can walk and talk to people wile in you room like an upgrade on skype. and if you can do that it will mack millons even billons

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