Harman Kardon MAS 102 delivers fantastic quality without breaking the bank


Harman Kardon is a name that is synonymous with quality audio systems, so it is no surprise to hear of their latest release, the Harman Kardon MAS 102, delivering top notch performance – although we would have to take a listen for ourselves before agreeing with what the press release has to say. The Harman Kardon MAS 102, in essence, is a four-piece integrated system which will comprise of an amplifier, a CD player and loudspeakers that do not stray far from the familiar Harman Kardon signature form factor.

Being compact and yet aesthetically pleasing, the Harman Kardon MAS 102 will deliver both performance and style into the home for all music lovers. Advanced loudspeakers in the MAS 102 are capable of ensuring that your room is filled with clean, powerful sound, even when you decide to place it discretely on a bookshelf or tabletop. As for its gorgeous speaker cabinets, those are extremely easy on the eyes, and it does not matter whether you want to adorn those with a speaker grille or not.

Metal matrix waveguide-mounted tweeters might be small in size, but they do deliver big hi-fi sound regardless of where you place the MAS 102. Of course, similar to its predecessors, the MAS 102 will come with CD playback capability, an integrated FM radio as well as a bevy of analog and digital inputs to playback music from external devices.

What is there to brag about something new if it does not have innovative features? Some of the newer introductions to the system will comprise of digital audio connectivity, iPod/iPhone compatibility via a Bridge III dock (available separately for purchase) and a phono input which will let it connect straight to a turntable without any hassle. Acting as a bridge between the old and new devices, the MAS 102 ensures that compatibility is taken to the next level.

The Harman Kardon MAS 102 prides itself in being a complete, integrated audio system, and you can bring one back to your living room for $999 a pop.

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