Illuminated Walking Stick


Walking sticks aren’t just meant for the vision-impaired you know, as they are also there to help folks who find it easier to move around with a “third leg” – and to top it all off, the Illuminated Walking Stick offers something different – since it boasts of a 5-LED flashlight that is cleverly pitched at an angle that delivers a cone of light to help you see sidewalks, steps, and paths easily even when it is pitch black all around you.

Not only that, a quartet of red flashing warning lights can be activated as long as you slide a lever on the handle, while another push of the lever will activate an emergency siren from the handle’s built-in speaker just in case assistance from passers-by is required. With a shaft constructed from sturdy, lightweight aluminum and the handle from rugged ABS, the $34.95 Illuminated Walking Stick seems to be the ideal purchase for grandpa this coming Father’s Day.

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