UNO III Streetbike


For many kids living in South East Asian countries, hitting their teens would often mean one thing – gaining the freedom and independence of movement through the use of motorcycles, and after that, moving on to cars when they’re of legal age to drive. Well, when they first start off on those two-wheelers, they’re certainly excited like all get out, and would do their best to modify and trick out their bikes to stand out from the rest of the crowd – not to mention impress the chicks.

The UNO III Streetbike is no vehicle for teens though, considering the rather expensive £8,500 price tag attached to it. What makes this piece of engineering so different from others is the ability to deftly switch from a two-wheeled dicycle to a sleek, three-wheeled sports bike (and of course, back again if the need arises) at a moment’s notice.

When in Uno Mode, the U3 can prop itself on two rear wheels, where internal gyros will control the bike to maintain stability even as it makes tight turns and slow, controlled movement a breeze. Whenever you start to go faster, the third wheel will fold out automatically, whereas the rear wheels slide back to transform the U3 into a sleek urban streetbike, now how about that! A single charge will give you a 30 mile range, while juicing it up from empty might take the better part of four hours.

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