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There is nothing quite like the use of solar power to make sure that there is still an earth around for the next generation to live in. After all, using fossil fuels for so long has clogged up our atmosphere, not to mention having countries go to war just to get a spoil of its natural resources.

Solar power might not have an efficiency level that is agreeable to most people just yet, but it is enough for basic use such as in the case of the Solar Pool Light. This device can be set up anywhere within a pool sans wires, where it will deliver bright underwater illumination without missing a beat. A couple of solar panels are located on the top of the unit to provide adequate juice for the internal rechargeable batteries, delivering up to 10 hours of light after 10 hours of sun exposure. That’s pretty good returns – an hour of light for an hour of juice.

The four high-powered LEDs are able to generate 140 lumens to illuminate up to 1,000 square feet, and with an included remote control, you can always adjust the light output to five different levels from up to 50′ away. We do wonder whether the remote control is waterproof or not though. An LCD display on top of the unit displays the current water temperature. The light itself comes with a powerful integrated magnet which allows for easy attachment to an above ground pool or the included mounting bracket allows set up in an in-ground pool.

You can bring home the Solar Pool Light for $179.95 to brighten up your evenings spent by the poolside – pretty cheap price considering you can afford a home with a pool inside, that’s for sure. Of course, most of the rich folks should probably already use pool lights that aren’t “green” per se, but here’s an opportunity to turn things around, don’t you think so?

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Brian Hunt Says: August 4, 2011 at 7:04 am

The description of the Solar Pool Light by Edwin seems interesting but I would like a lot more detail before committing to a purchase, e.g:
1 Is it submersible? – I have a level-deck pool.
2 What material is the outer casing made of?
3 Just how is it attached to the pool wall?
4 Can it be readily detached?
5 What are its dimensions?
6 How long is its function guaranteed?
7 How long do the batteries last?
8 Can the batteries be easily changed?

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