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Remember the name Panini? I certainly do with fondness, since during my younger days, there was this sticker book that required me to buy plenty of loose packs of stickers, hoping that they would be enough for me to complete my collection. Sure, I even went hungry at times to purchase more stickers instead of food, much to the chagrin of my parents. Guess Panini has taken a leap into the 21st century with their Panini HRX video trading cards.

Just what does Panini HRX stand for? We’re looking at Highlight Reel Xperience, which is also the industry’s first video trading card. Panini HRX will roll out as a limited insert in the company’s NBA Totally Certified when June comes about.

Taking a good 18 months to develop into perfection, the Panini HRX is also the industry’s first video trading card that will be individually autographed by each featured athlete. Since each vard is personally autographed and incorporates HD-quality video that are specific to each player, you can be sure that these would be extremely pricey in the second hand market. Kinda makes me want to start collecting trading cards all over again, I remember clearly the Venom vs Spiderman hologram that was super rare back in my day.

According to Jason Howarth, Vice President of Marketing for Panini America, “We had a number of goals with Panini HRX but the overarching theme throughout every stage of development was to ensure we maintained the integrity of a trading card, and incorporated compelling content and video that was both relevant and brought sports fans closer to the world’s best athletes. Lastly, we wanted to make sure that there was a level of uniqueness and collectibility with every Panini HRX card.”

This new move might just make trading cards desirable yet again, and instead of collecting Pokemon, kids might prefer something more physical this time around if Panini gets their marketing and advertising engines just right.

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Daniel Says: April 13, 2011 at 1:42 am

2 things that not really match:

Kids and extremely pricey.

How do you expect kids to collect this if it is only approachable for the uber-wealthy?

I like the idea, and it could have a chance at getting the hobby some new attention, but in my opinion it will only have a chance if you make it available to everybody. You can always make it more limited and pricey in the future.

It is just basic marketing, make people “dependent” on the product by making it available at a low price. When they have accepted it and there is a demand for it, you can make more limited and pricey versions of it.

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