Hands on with the Wand + from Nyko

by Mark R

I always enjoy trying out video game accessories from Nyko, and I finally got to try the upgrade for the Wand with the Wand Plus.

I remember being quite sarcastic about the Wand, as it looked quite similar to the Wiimote. I believe that the Wand Plus is a genuine upgrade as it has Full Motion Technology, which means that it is essentially 1:1 movement tracking that works with all the Wii Motion Plus games without that silly little dongle.

Other upgrades seem pretty ordinary like the enlarged 1 and 2 buttons, rubberized B trigger, and re-worked d-pad. It also has the Trans-port Technology, which makes it very compatible with accessories with pass through key buttons. The accessories include the Pistol Grip, which is a gun attachment for the controller.

I have heard that the Wand + works well for classic and horizontal game play, but I had a problem with the horizontal form factor when I was playing Mario Kart Wii. For some reason, hitting the B Button often did not work, or had a delayed reaction. If you have a Wand +, and have experienced the same symptom, please leave a comment.

The Wand + is about $39.99, which is about fifteen dollars more than the original Wand. You can purchase it here at the Nyko online store.

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