Tobii releases Tobii PCEye to help the impaired use a computer


Tobii has just announced that they will be rolling out the Tobii PCEye – and just in case you’re left scratching your head and wondering what this is, it is one of the most advanced stand-alone eye control device that is currently available on the market, delivering the wonders and magic of eye control over to the standard computer. Of course, it is said to be easy to use, is highly accurate and portable to boot – making it is compatible with a wide range of software in order to offer total access to just about any personal computer.

It is a marvel to think that the Tobii PCEye is capable of translating eye movement to a mouse cursor on a screen flawlessly . Primarily designed for folks who want an alternative method for controlling a mouse and a computer, all you need to do is to hook up the device to a computer display and connect the USB cable, making it a snap even for those who have impaired motor skills. Through standard movements like gazing, blinking or dwelling on an item with their eyes, you are able to wield your mastery over the cursor on the display.

According to Tara Rudnicki, president of Tobii Assistive Technology, “With Tobii PCEye we can proudly reach out to new, not yet serviced user groups with our AAC products. We have already seen massive interest from the Stroke, MND and ALS communities, people in different rehab situations, military veterans, people suffering from progressive muscle weakness or neurodegenerative disorders, and education institutions. We are also overwhelmed by the attention we have received from the development community to extend into AAC eye games.”

It is interesting to note that the PCEye will rely heavily on Tobii’s leading experience in eye tracking technology, allowing it to effectively track nearly every user regardless of eye color, lighting conditions, environments or head movement. Hopefully it is affordable enough for the masses, too!

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