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My daughter is only 8 and she came home from school the other day asking if she could get on the computer and I allowed it. In the 2 minutes it took for me to check on what she was looking for, she had hit YouTube.com and was watching (and dancing to) a suggestive rap video, it seems she learned about YouTube at school, from her music teacher. Great.

I know that YouTube and some social networking sites can be an interesting source of educational content, I get that. But, they also contain explicit videos, inappropriate comments and ads and it was probably something I would have waited to expose her to. But now there is a way for schools to safely access educational content on sites like YouTube with GoLiveCampus.com by iBoss Web Filters.

Available in the cloud at no cost, GoLiveCampus.com allows students and teachers to safely search for appropriate educational content without the risk of… well, you know. The site dynamically pulls content from YouTube and social networking sites through a robust safe search, removes comments and ads, and gives students access only to clean, appropriate videos.

In addition to making it easy for teachers to safely search and view videos, GoLiveCampus.com enables educators to create their own channels and add video thumbnails for students to freely view. GoLiveCampus.com can even make homework safer for students because once the teacher sets up a channel, students can then access that link to view the associated videos safely from home.

“Parents and teachers should not have to worry about what kids are seeing when they’re watching educational videos online,” stated Peter Martini, COO of iBoss Web Filters. “GoLiveCampus.com removes the threat of inappropriate content while preserving access to the valuable content to be found on YouTube and social networking sites.”

Schools and educators interested in using GoLiveCampus.com can request free accounts at www.golivecampus.com.


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Julie Says: April 11, 2011 at 7:42 pm

This particular application is pretty school specific, but check iboss.com for many other “clean search” options that may be more suitable to business use. 😉

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