H2O Powered Shower Radio


Singing while you’re in the shower is definitely something that some of us indulge in – heck, it might even be your hobby. Well, just in case you don’t want to let everyone know how out of tune your voice is, why not enlist the help of a radio DJ to play your favorite tunes once in a while? The H2O Powered Shower Radio, as its name suggests, will be able to stand up to your shower moments without missing a beat.

Retailing for £34.99 a pop, this eco-friendly FM radio relies on the clever implementation of hydrodynamics in order to generate energy while juicing up its onboard battery. It is a snap to fit into your existing bathroom set up, as you do not need a rocket science degree to make sure the stylish radio is in line with your shower hose so that water will flow through its micro turbine to deliver some much needed power. Now to work on those vocals…

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