Pioneer SE-NC31C-K noise cancelling earbud stereo headphones


Earphones used to be just that – a device, or rather, peripheral that transferred audio tracks from a music device to your ears. It didn’t matter if you could still hear the roar of the engine on the outside, or your wife’s incessant nagging – the point is, you never had been able to experience something like this before, where whatever music you’re listening to never sounded so close to you before!

Boy, how far has technology come that these days, having noise cancellation technology in your pair of stereo headphones should be the norm rather than the exception, and Pioneer has delved into this particular category with their latest release known as the Pioneer SE-NC31C-K noise cancelling earbud stereo headphones.

As its name suggests, this model was specially designed for noise cancellation of up to 90% (measured at 300hz), allowing you to hear more of what you’re supposed to listen to. The SE-NC31C-K is capable of actively monitoring the nearby sound environment and electronically canceling low frequency ambient noise that can interfere with normal audio listening.

Apart from that, the earbuds will also boast large 14.2 mm drivers and various connection adapters in order to make this more or less the perfect accessory for music enjoyment on the go. With portable music players being a staple device for most people these days, it goes without saying that owning a good pair of headphones is more of an investment than frivolous spending.

Also, this pair of headphones from Pioneer make music listening more enjoyable as there is no need to raise the volume level from the audio source. The earbuds themselves will make use of the microphones which are located in each ear piece in order to measure unwanted low-frequency noise. These components will then follow that up by inserting an equal amplitude, which is the opposite phase signal of the unwanted noise, in order to cancel it before it your ears can catch hold of it.

The SE-NC31C-K can be yours for $99 a pop.

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