Dr. Freuds Therapy Ball – “Go to Your Happy Place”


It’s probably no surprise to anyone that I’m not quite right. Anyone that actually knows me, can certainly substantiate in a million ways just how, let’s call it “different” I am from say… oh, the rest of all mankind. That being said, they are my friends, and like me, because of, or maybe in spite of, whatever it is that my parents did to me as a child. Don’t get me wrong, they are the most wonderful loving parents, that being said, whatever the heck is wrong with me, is their fault.

Enter Dr. Freud’s Therapy ball, gone are the days when one must make it to scheduled appointments and pay ridiculous fees at the therapists office, and let’s face it, those appointments are never when you REALLY need to talk to someone, like in the middle of the night when you’re hearing the voices again, and this time there telling you your pet turtle is evil. This Magic 8 type ball responds to your concerns and confessions with impartial,yet engaged objectivity. You need to simply shake this black plastic ball and then read over twenty different responses such as ”How did that make you feel?” or ‘Talk about your mother.”

So, in the privacy of your own home, you can work through your inner demons and maybe stop the voices, or at least stop listening to them, all without the pesky parking problems and insurance deductibles. Also available are the Affirmation Ball (that will throw some wonderful compliments your way), the Instant Excuse Ball (to keep you out of trouble) and the Wall Street Guru Ball (for better than average investment advice), all the tools you need, to live your best life, for less than $8 bucks each, at  www.mcphee.com

Note: Dr. Freud’s Therapy Ball should never be substituted for real medical advice, however the Wall Street Guru Ball might be another story. Now I need to go, the turtle is up to no good.


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