Do Gong Alarm Clocks ring the bell?

by Mark R

These are some Gong Alarm Clocks, and they are designed for the Wrestling and Boxing fans in your life.

They are modeled after the ringside bells that are at these matches, and I am not certain how they work.

Allow me to explain. According to my Source, the wrestling alarm clock sounds for 3 counts before it counts you out before it sounds the gong. As for the other boxing version, it will count to ten before it “buzzes”.

In other words, it is sending out a message that if you don’t get up, you are a loser. I don’t like the implication, even though it is not verbal. Oh man, isn’t getting up hard enough already?

I don’t know if you are thinking what I am thinking, but the first time I saw these alarms, I thought that this was an alarm that has to be shut off by pounding it with the included hammer. That doesn’t seem to be the case, but I don’t see anything in my Source about that.

It wouldn’t be right to assume that this device has this option. However, if I saw any device like this with a bell and a hammer, and someone said it was an alarm, what else would I assume? However, if anyone knows differently about this, feel free to leave a comment.


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