Audio Light Bulb


A light bulb is supposed to just give out light (and some warmth for those who are still in the winter season), right? Apparently not when Hammacher wants to have a say in the situation. The Audio Light Bulb that you see here is a snap to install, working as a wireless, illuminated speaker which can be up and running within seconds.

It will fit unobtrusively within a recessed can light receptacle, so you can toss out your standard light bulb although outfitting the entire house with this might get a wee bit too expensive considering the $299.99 price point that it comes with. Still, this is one great method to experience discreet audio and lighting in your pad, where your ears will enjoy the crisp audio it delivers via the full-range, 10-watt speaker within.

Capable of receiving interference-free wireless audio signals from up to 50′ away from its transmitter, said transmitter can be docked with any iPod/iPhone equipped with a 30-pin connector. If you’re going to do some serious home improvement in the near future, the Audio Light Bulb might be a good bet.

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