Chinese Magician Fu Yandong and his fish-controlling powers are under fire

by Mark R

These hands are the seemingly powerful hands of Chinese magician Fu Yandong, and he has made headlines with his “mystic control” over fish.

His magic act was shown televised over China Central Television over the Chinese New Year, but there are some who are not at all impressed at his ability to make the fish swim in perfect formation.

For example, some animal activists are claiming that the fish controlling trick is magnetic in nature. That Yandong has somehow implanted magnets in the fish and leading them around with attracting forces. These same animal activists are equating this magnetic implementation as animal cruelty.

Of course, Fu Yandong has not come out and said that this is how the trick is done. I don’t know if this is a written or unwritten law, but I believe that a magician is not supposed to reveal his or her secrets.

I believe that some magicians have some history of being cruel to animals. Some of you might remember a scene in the film The Prestige where a magician is shown killing a dove in order to make it look like it disappears into a collapsible cage.

Of course, I’m not certain about animal rights laws in China. Some have suggested the trick is done with infrared lights, which would mean that the trick is more about training than implants. If so, can anyone learn how to control fish like Aquaman?


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One and only Dominator Says: February 19, 2011 at 7:07 am

Until all cages and fishtanks are empty and the animals freed from human dictatorship.

Joe Dunfee Says: February 19, 2011 at 8:58 pm

No, magicians do not kill their doves… they take a great deal of effort to train and get used to being in a stage environment. A distressed dove does not exactly endear a magician to his audience.

In general, performing animals are VERY well treated. Mistreated animals do not hold up well. So, even someone prone to mistreating animals has a financial incentive to not mistreat their animals (or probably hire someone else to do the handling).

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