Luton Airport of London has holograms at their security checkpoint

by Mark R

For those who are traveling through Luton Airport in London today, you are going to receive a surprise at the airport security.

I realize that doesn’t sound good, because most of us don’t want a surprise at airport security. It usually involves being pulled aside, like I had happen to me at LAX.

These surprises that I am referring to will hopefully prevent the surprise of being pulled aside, and they are two holograms that remind you to prepare you the potential passenger for walking through the metal detectors.

These holograms just went on line recently, and they tirelessly tell through visual example to remove belts and laptops before walking through, making that airport security walk a little less painful.

These holographic staff members are named Holly and Graham (like “holo-gram”, get it?) and I don’t think they are actual holograms. At least not like the phantom-like holograms that you see in Star Wars.

There is a video on my Source link that shows the holograms on film, and it looks like Holly and Graham have reflections on them like glass. It looks like they are like the holograms shown off by Epson a while ago.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing these at all airport security checkpoints. The future for them looks as bright as they are.


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