DIY Modder makes ammo counter for weapons

by Mark R

This is an ammo counter that was built by a DIY modder named Michael Ciuffo.

As you can see, it resembles those ammo counters that you see in a lot of FPS games. Some of you might remember that Ripley had a digital one on her futuristic rifle in Aliens.

The gun can be used on a lot of different weapons. I wish that I had a list of armaments that it accommodates, but it has to do with an accelerometer to detect recoil from the gun.

According to my Source, the maker has seen so many requests for these ammo-counter that he wants to start putting it into production. I have no idea when he will get started, or how long it will take to market them. I wonder how much he will charge.

I think this is one of those times when life imitates art. Does anyone think that this is odd that someone builds an accessory for armaments that was inspired by video games or science fiction movies like Aliens?

So what is next for inspiration for DIY-ers. Can I make some suggestions? How about some of the cool weapons that we saw in District 9? How about the gun Samus Aran uses in the Metroid series? I’m pretty certain that we are working on every 2054 advancement that we saw in Minority Report.


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