Check out this large slide!

by Mark R

What you are seeing here is not a roller coaster, but a slide. That’s right, this is a slide like on a playground.

I remember that I had a small park near by house growing up, and I always felt I was fortunate. Right now, I’m looking at this slide and thinking that the kid who lives near this park with this slide is the luckiest kid in the world.

In addition to this long roller coaster of a ride, there is also a huge lighthouse of a tower for a higher view. Man, if I took my kids to this park, then they would never want to leave.

You know why I like this slide? It’s all a bunch of rollers and I don’t see any way that a kid can climb up it. I swear, my kids are always running up the slide. I wonder if they would try to run up this one.

Unfortunately, my Source does not show where this park with the roller coaster slide is. It would almost be worth flying to this place like going to Disneyland or some other theme park. Yes, travel guides of the world, you definitely want to put a pushpin in the map for wherever this slide is.


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