95 Decibel Telephone Ringer


OK let us have a show of hands here – how many of you out there still own a landline? We do know that plenty of folks already eliminated their landlines simply because they rely much more on their cell phones to be connected to family and friends, and for the few of you who are still banking on that house phone to ring whenever someone says “I’ll call you on your house phone,” then the 95 Decibel Telephone Ringer might be just the thing for you. After all, you might have forgotten what a house phone sounds like since you haven’t had a call on that in like, a zillion years? Nothing quite like having 95 decibels of ringing goodness coming right at you to help you jump out of your seat. A slider control will adjust the volume of the device’s strong electronic ring from 80db to a rousing 95db, and you can select from a trio of pitches as well. The ring will sound continuously for four seconds with a four-second pause between each ring, while a bright LED flashes along with the ringer to attract attention visually. At $49.95, it might be just the thing for Uncle Harry who seems to be losing his hearing as well…

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