Cambridge Audio goes 3D with 751BR 3D Blu-ray Universal player


You know that stereoscopic 3D is being pushed down users’ throats at the recently concluded CES, and that the next big battle for our hard earned money would have something to do with content provided in the 3D ecosystem. Well, Cambridge Audio from the UK does not want to miss out on this potential cash cow by rolling out their 751BR 3D Blu-ray Universal player. “What?”, you groan, as yet another Blu-ray player enters an already crowded market. Well, things aren’t too bad actually, since there aren’t too many 3D Blu-ray players available just yet so early adopters to the game might just send some of their hard earned dollars Cambridge Audio’s way. To know more about what the 751BR is capable of offering, why not read on in the extended post?

The 751BR is well equipped with a couple of HDMI outputs, sporting the ability to deliver 3D video to multiple displays while supporting onboard decoding of Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. These formats surely can also output as bitstreams for an AV receiver to decode internally. Apart from that, first time users will not feel lost either since there is a clear on-screen menu that makes setting up the entire system a snap, and while the 751BD is in action, it will not wake up the dead – on the contrary, it is whisper quiet and lighting fast, boasting of a disc loading time that is a fraction of what the competition offers.

In addition, the 751BD will incorporate a high quality Marvell QDEO video scaler in order to produce incredible picture quality from existing DVDs – meaning they will be upscaled to full HD 1080p resolution, although you will never be able to get actual full HD resolution so do expect to see some form of artifacts form around the images. What really makes the 751BD shine would be its musical performance, where it features genuinely uncontested audiophile credentials. After all, when you pair up a mouth watering specification such as five Wolfson WM8740 DACs, Anagram Technologies Q5 192 kHZ upsampling and a choice of digital filters, isn’t the 751BD a true modern marvel? Supported audio formats include DVD-A, SACD and of course, the venerable CD. For more modern connections, you can hook up USB and eSATA drives to it. Any takers?

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David Susilo Says: January 12, 2011 at 8:04 pm

So this is another Oppo BDP-93 re-badge (but with different DAC, this time around). I’m curious to know the price because I like the look of the Cambridge Audio and the Wolfson DAC than the look and DACs of Oppo 93

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