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Okay, I know I can’t be the only one, every time I try to search the Internet on my phone it turns into some sort of scrolling nightmare. A little to the left, a little further up. If only I could see over just a bit more. Rats! I’ll just wait till I get home and check the computer.

If only they could come up with a search engine that was optimized for your mobile device, guess what? Meet, designed specifically for iPhone, Palm Pre and Android. You can simply visit on your mobile phone to browse thousands of compatible websites, and the list is growing very quickly.

Seego is seeing new websites launching specifically for the newest generation of smart phones at a rate of around 30-40 per day, and it’s no surprise that the fastest growth is coming from the social networking, image sharing and adult entertainment industries.

The company checks and verifies that every site submitted to Seego is fully functional on the mobile web, so your frustrations are over.

Head on over to and send a link to your device, or submit your optimized site to be included in their listing, or if you have an iPhone, find them on iTunes.

Wow, the mobile web, the next logical step.


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