Wireless multiroom DVR coming to DirecTV

by James

Samsung's Smart TV line will stream wireless DirecTV in multiple rooms

Samsung is joining forces with DirecTV to cut the cables on your home entertainment with a multi-room wireless DVR.

The standard that makes it possible is Samsung’s RVU protocol, which is available on all LED6000 and D6400 HDTVs which will start to be available in March of 2011. The RVU experience will give users DVR services, live pause on all screens in the home, over 200 hours worth of shared storage, picture in picture capabilities, and the ability to record up to ficve shows at once.

Course, users have to have a Samsung Smart TV in each othe rooms they want to stream digital content to wirelessly. But it’s a cool idea. RVU enables a set top box and turns it inso a digital media server of sorts which then broadcasts live and recorded television to each room that contains a Smart TV RVU supported television. And there’s no additional hardware required except a DirecTV RVU box.

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Monica Says: February 8, 2011 at 8:18 am

DirecTV may be coming out with a new a multi-room wireless DVR but what is not mentioned is that all these features are only available if you have a Samsung Smart TV in every room. I wouldn’t want to have to replace all my TV’s just to get a worthwhile DVR. I work for DISH Network and they have the DVR with the largest storage capacity, right now. Funny that DirecTV hasn’t said when they’re going to get this newest DVR. Not only that, but DirecTV charges $396 up front for a 6-room connection with their Whole-Home DVR; that’s not mentioning installation or monthly charges. Surely this advanced DVR will cost even more. For true value, I’d look to DISH.

hukiworld Says: February 22, 2011 at 3:10 am

Forget DirectTV and Dish and come to Comcast with Xfinity and get a Anyroom DVR package deal where you don’t need to buy any new televisions and almost same your paying now for your comcastic services 😉 Any company still uses satellite or dishes are dinosaurs… Have you seen a house with a satellite or dish when it rains outside? Channels look like a poltergeist possessed it haha! Plus, Comcast will also soon will have fiber optics lines in every area and new set top boxes that will also be wireless at no additional charge to replace your old model for new one.

For ultimate power play package, be comcastic and choose Comcast now and forever because it only gets better with time 🙂

hukiworld Says: February 22, 2011 at 3:12 am

To Xfinity and beyond!!!!! 🙂

GenQuad4 Says: February 9, 2012 at 9:39 pm

While I agree that if the reflector isnt installed correctly you will have poor quality when the wind blows or it storms, but after having either Dish or DirecTV for over 12 years I can attest to losing service only a handful of times. Last summer after moving to a new residence I had a sight issue for Dish and until I fixed it I had to go to Comcrap for 30 days. I lost video almost every day. Now before you tell me to read that Comcrap is laying Fiber to every area and free WiFi, let me school you a little. First off the signal still comes from a satelite and there is no way that Comcrap is going to give anything away for free. I didnt even mention that thier HD looks worse than my Dish SD. Almost comparable to those old bootleg DVD’s that you bought from the crackhead that recorded it with his Super8 camcorder. I get all the channels minus PPV and Adult programming for $105 a month. At DirecTV, Comcast, Verizon, Time Warner or even Cox I would barely be getting the basic package.

i am me Says: July 29, 2013 at 7:13 pm

Some places dont offer cable, even if it did i would still want directv. We had directv living back in ny and only lost signal if the dish got too much snow on it.. guess what push the snow off and your good lol. Now luving in az i have not seen any lost signal. Also cable boxes are slow with many problems. Having to replace tvs is bull when they should offer a box that has wireless.

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