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I have a secret to tell you, I can’t type. That’s right, I’m a writer, have about 17 years of schooling behind me, spend hours at the computer daily and simply cannot type with more than 2 fingers and *gasp* not a word without peeking at the keyboard.

What I would have given to have had IRISnotes, it’s a digital pen and mobile note taker that captures handwritten notes and drawings and then converts them into editable text. You can write your notes anytime and anyplace and when you get back to your computer you can upload and convert your information wirelessly by way of USB receiver.

IRISnotes digital pen works on the paper of your choosing by simply placing the receiver on the top, or corner of the document and you’re ready to start writing. This digital pen also utilizes normal ink refills.

IRISnotes 1.0 recognizes 22 different languages, stores up to 100 pages of notes and is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP or a Windows 2000 operating system. The Executive version has additional search features, supports 4 additional languages and is also compatible with Mac OS 10.5 or better.

Reviews say you need to write clearly and neatly, but having all my notes typed and editable is certainly worth the effort, especially when I am away from my computer.

IRISnote 1.0 is available for $99.00 from


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