Ocado fridge is self-cleaning

by Mark R

I’m sure that most of us don’t like cleaning our fridge, but certain scientists at the University of Central Lancashire have created the Ocado self-cleaning fridge.

I’m not certain how the self-cleaning works. This is not to say that the Ocado fridge doesn’t have these little brushes and buffers that can clean the fridge from the inside. Truth be told, we all want that, but the technology isn’t there yet. In fact, I sounds like this whole refrigerator works on some technology that isn’t there yet. It is “nano-articulated technology” that features “millions of independently micro-tiles, which will send food products that are scheduled to be eaten to the front of the fridge”.

The Ocado can scan its shelves for food and provide the user with recipes, teach the user how to cook with the foods that they have, and it will teach the user how to cook with fresh foods.

If you want to find out more about this fridge, then you should probably click on the Source link. I will warn you that the small font that you see here is only a little larger at my Source image, but still not large enough to read. You might have to do a little enlargement to read it.

I’m not certain if we’ll ever perfect the tech to make this refrigerator work, but there is a screen on the front that I like. I think some refrigerators have this now.


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Hukiworld Says: December 31, 2010 at 7:40 pm

Talk about a redundant concept product. Like I want a fridge that will tell me what to cook with two or three foods in storage lmfao!

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