Zibra Open It – Because you only have one set of hands… and teeth


I’m pretty sure I am not alone in my disbelief when I try and open some of these “modern” plastic packages. I mean, what are these guys thinking? Even the dolls hair is sewn to the cardboard, and the metal twisty ties? seriously? Every time I get something open I feel as though I’ve won a small war.

I wish I had the Zibra Open,  not only does it safely and easily cut through that indestructible, finger slicing clear plastic packaging, but it has snippers for those irritating twisted metal ties, a blade for the impossible to pick open CD and DVD wrapper and cardboard box tape, it also includes the oft needed, but hard to find, miniature screw driver for that elusively small battery compartment screw and last, but not least the bottle opener you are going to require for the 6 pack you will wish you had before you started with all this nonsense in the first place.

The Zibra Open It, it’s the “unitool” for the holidays. Get one now, before this seasons nightmare happens to you, again.

Get a set of 2 for only $14.99 at  www.enjoyzibra.com

Still, I gotta wonder what kind of package it comes in…

Source: www.enjoyzibra.com

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