Samsung WB700 camera offers superb features in a small package


Samsung is really picking up the pace when it comes to the world of digital cameras, and one of their latest releases would be the WB700, a super slim model that certainly doesn’t horse around with its impressive 24X zoom function, making it more than capable of delivering superb quality images regardless of the distance of your subject. This is further enhance with the ability for the WB700 to capture 16 megapixel images with its 24mm lens with OIS and Schneider KREUZNACH 18x super-zoom. Apart from that, other features which will delight and surprise even those who are seasoned in the field of photography include new smart filters, the smart lens effect and zoom noise cancellation. Want to know more about the WB700? It is all in the extended post.

Let us get down to the nitty gritty – the Samsung WB700 will come with a 24mm ultra-wide Schneider KREUZNACH lens as mentioned, making it capable of capturing that perfect wide angle shot, in addition to an outstanding 24X zoom function, where it comprises of an 18X optical zoom and 1.3X Smart Zoom. Not only that, those who are about to take the step into DSLRs will find that the WB700’s full manual control is a good stepping board to learning the ropes, although it won’t be as efficient and fast as a DSLR. At least you can still record video in full 1080p high definition video (H.264 format), with the main strength and flexibility of the WB700 being its lens and zoom functions which enables you to shoot a broad landscape in similar detail as a bubbling brook in the distance.

From the name itself, you can tell that the WB700 will be the next logical step up from the WB600 and WB650 models, where it includes Smart Filter 2.0 – a name for artistic filters in various modes including ‘soft focus’, ‘half-tone dot’ and ‘cinema’ alongside traditional features such as ‘fish-eye’, ‘miniature’ and ‘sketch’, letting you have a much more professional finish at the touch of a button. It isn’t out just yet, but will be making headlines next April for $299.99 each. We do expect this to arrive at CES 2011 though.

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panasonic batteries Says: December 29, 2010 at 6:20 pm

I really like samsung this camera

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