Shoe Odor Remediator


Wear a pair of shoes for the entire day while making 10,000 steps, and you can be sure that the pair would stink the moment you take it off – not to mention your socks which would probably be able to smell enough to send Osama bin Laden packing from whatever rat hole he is hiding in. Good thing we have modern technology like the Shoe Odor Remediator which helps lessen the negative impact of your shoes’ smell, relying on UVC-light, a similar technology used to sanitize hospital surfaces, to eliminate 99.99% of the bacteria which causes unpleasant odors in shoes. Forget about sprays and powders that merely mask odors, the UVC light is capable of penetrating bacterial membranes, impairing their DNA, and killing the microorganisms which cause unpleasant smells and athlete’s foot. Not only that, the UVC light does not leave residue and it reaches into shoe crevices that sustain germ vitality, quite unlike chemical cleaning agents. The sanitizers can easily be slipped inside the footwear and sanitize the shoes in just 45 minutes, being powered by an included AC adapter. Just make sure you have placed the order for the right size before parting with $129.95 for this!

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Marlon Rodriguez Says: December 27, 2010 at 12:52 pm

I have a better idea- just buy some crocs. The end.

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