Here’s a Solar-powered Rainbow Machine

by Mark R

We once reported on a Solar Powered Rainbow Maker before, but this particular rainbow maker is not related, and quite bigger.

Michael Jones McKean is currently working on an artificial rainbow machine, which uses reclaimed rainwater and sunlight to create rainbow effect that you see here in this picture.

Apparently, it uses some jet pumps and create fountain nozzles to spritz some water in the air, and then the sunlight shines through to create the rainbow effect as first witnessed by Noah himself.

Okay, it is time for me to get all philosophical. I realize that we live in an age where technology can often substitute for something else that nature can give, and it’s getting so it is hard to let nature be nature.

This usually is an issue raised when we discuss cloning a human being, but what about cloning the rainbow? I mean, there isn’t any reason to clone a rainbow except to prove that we can, and it seems like we have.

I mean, Kermit the Frog sung about “The Rainbow Connection” for a reason. There is something awe-inspiring about a rainbow, and it is an unexpected blessing when it shows up. In other words, I’m not certain whether it should be controlled.

Well, if you want to see the artificial rainbow created, it will be at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Omaha, Nebraska in June.


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