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Most of us would be happy with a standard pair of headphones, but then again an out-of-the-box standard issue pair might not be up to par with what discerning ears are willing to settle for. Nice to know that there are after market headphones out there which are capable of filling in the gap, and the Coloud Colors headphones are more than willing to step in and do the job. Of course, this has nothing to do with Care Bears (anyone remembers that cute little cartoon with plenty of love going around?) despite boasting series of 7 uniformly colored headphones, but rather, it is a tribute to the rainbow of sorts, but you shouldn’t expect traditional rainbow colors as it comes in red, white, black, green, blue, purple and pink.

All Coloud Colors headphones will also ship with a microphone cum remote that will play nice with a range of smartphones including the almighty iPhone, HTC devices as well as BlackBerrys among other handsets that rely on a 3.5mm standard plug. Of course, while this is nothing near Harman Kardon levels of audio quality nor will it bring your listening experience to a totally elevated level, at least it should sound better than what you get with your handset purchase, which probably costs a couple of bucks to manufacture anyways. The Coloud Colors headphones won’t put a dent in your pocket either with a suggested retail price of $35.

Also known as the C22M model, it allows you answer incoming calls thanks to the aforementioned microphone/remote function, pausing whatever music that is being played at that moment. Just like Apple’s iPhone which was designed in California but manufactured in China, so the Coloud headphones are developed in Sweden and produced in China. Hopefully there won’t be any sort of performance related issues due to the country of manufacturing, and we hope that stringent quality controls are in place to boot.

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