Voice Clarifying Amplifier


When we get older, different parts of our body start to break down and not function as before. For some of us, it is our vision that starts to deteriorate, and for others, their hearing. Well, good thing there are advancements made in the field of technology that will correct such situations to a certain extent without the need for surgery. The Voice Clarifying Amplifier is pretty much self-explanatory, as this digital earpiece will amplify and clarify voices while minimizing distracting background noise. Inside, there lies an advanced microchip that will amplify any human speech frequencies while dampening background noise in order for spoken words to be clearly audible. This works differently from lesser analog models that merely make all sounds louder, as it is a superior digital earpiece that specifically amplifies voice pitch so words are easier to discern. Nice to know it comes with a rechargeable battery inside as well, making it work for up to 10 hours after a dozen hours of charging. Sporting eight adjustable volume levels, each $299.95 purchase comes with a quartet of different sized silicone caps to accommodate all ear sizes.

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