How to DJ with colored plastic squares

by Mark R

We have reported on a lot music-making gadgets before, such as the Beamz Interactive, the Loopz, and this one that creates music with some colored Lego blocks.

This is quite an interesting way of playing electronic music from a design student named Ryan Raffa. It works using an overhead camera and what looks like an area marked by circular light.

As you can see by the video below, this thing is a virtual turntable that has something that I can only describe as a radar scanner. As the scanner goes around, it intersects with plastic squares. Each square makes a different note. You will note that the video shows only a few tones that, to me, seem rather uncomplicated. It only gets interesting when the squares are overlapped.

There really isn’t any practical use for something like this, except maybe a toy. I mean, would you want to learn to play music on a device that involves moving cards around? Man, I don’t think that even Las Vegas dealers could make any sweet beats with that.

I guess that this is just a testament to humanity’s ability to create technology and music, in one big mash-up.

Thesis Prototype – Tangible Color Music Instrument from Ryan Raffa on Vimeo.


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